Census mapping delivered!

8000 maps delivered on time to the Department of Statistics for the 2013 Census

More than 8000 maps were delivered on time to the Department of Statistics last October in preparation for the 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings.

The massive task completed by our by our graphics and mapping specialists, in association with Wyatt & Wilson Print, involved hand-checking every map to ensure meticulous quality control standards.

When it came to Census time, GIS specialist Brian McAuslan, who had a major role in preparing the census maps, was one of the 7000 official census collectors who put the maps to their intended use. In his case, the job was complicated by the mobility of the population in the significantly earthquake affected area he was assigned in central Christchurch, where people are still moving frequently.

For further information please contact Brian McAuslan

3 April 2013