Kāpiti Expressway nears completion

The opening of the M2PP Expressway in early 2017 will mark the fruition of a major infrastructure project on which a multi-disciplinary Boffa Miskell team has worked for seven years.

Since 2009, Boffa Miskell has been involved with the early scoping and feasibility stages; the planning and consent process; the conceptual through to detailed design; and the construction phase. We will also be involved in post-construction monitoring. Our planning, landscape architecture, ecology, urban design and cultural advisory team has provided professional services to the project as a partner in the original pre-consent project Alliance and, since 2012, as a consultant to the M2PP Alliance comprising Beca, Fletcher Construction, Higgins Group and the NZTA.

The 16-kilometre, 4-lane expressway will connect MacKays Crossing to Peka Peka on the Kāpiti Coast, as part of the Wellington Corridor upgrade of State High 1, which has been prioritised by the Government as a ‘Road of National Significance’.

Since construction began in 2013, our landscape architects and ecologists have been working closely with the Alliance team on what has been a massive logistical exercise. Our ecologists, for instance, have needed to work progressively in advance of the construction to monitor and protect fauna and flora; rescuing and relocating fish where necessary and then following up with our landscape architects to restore and create native habitats after construction as part of project mitigation. Our landscape architects have also been involved in the detailed design and specification of the extensive new walkway/cycleway/bridleway that parallels the expressway and the planting of what will become a new green belt along the length of the expressway.

“Through our long involvement, we’ve brought continuity to our parts of the project and developed strong working relationships with the Alliance. It’s very exciting to be at this final stage,” says Bron Faulkner, Boffa Miskell’s M2PP design team leader.

For further information please contact Bron Faulkner

22 December 2016