Partnering to protect biodiversity on Banks Peninsula

Boffa Miskell has teamed up with the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust by becoming a gold sponsor of the community-driven organisation, which works to protect and enhance biodiversity in the area.

The trust works with landowners, agencies and the wider community to promote the conservation and enhancement of indigenous biodiversity and sustainable land management on Banks Peninsula. Through their ecological and community outreach programmes, as well as a covenanting programme which is creating a legacy for future generations, the trust is helping to create an environment where the community values and cares for the biodiversity and special character of Banks Peninsula.

With the help of growing support from the corporate sector, the trust’s capacity to deliver its work has grown over the last 24 months. Our ecology team looks forward to supporting the trust in realising its goals over the next few years, by providing a range of ecological services and advice, including ecological surveys and the preparation of ecological management plans for covenants.

“The work of the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust is positive, inclusive, and fits well with our company values. We recognise the outstanding biodiversity values on Banks Peninsula, which is why our team is keen to assist the trust in the commendable work it is doing to promote the conservation and enhancement of indigenous biodiversity” says Scott Hooson, Boffa Miskell ecologist.

27 June 2017