Two New Associate Directors Appointed

Boffa Miskell is pleased to announce that Landscape Architects, Sarah Collins and Michael Hawes, have been appointed as associate directors.

The appointment of Michael and Sarah adds significant experience to Boffa Miskell’s leadership team. Michael and Sarah each had distinctive career paths within the company and both have played significant roles in leading milestone projects and providing leadership to the Design team, both in Auckland and across the company by way of example with drive and energy.

Michael Hawes, with a range of UK and International experience and qualifications, Michael joined Boffa Miskell as a Senior Landscape Architect in Wellington in December 2006. Key projects have included: London Quay on Picton’s Waterfront, the Victoria Park Tunnel and some of Auckland’s CBD’s shared space upgrades (The Fort Street Area, O’Connell Street and Federal Street).

Sarah Collins, has had a considerable role with Boffa Miskell as a landscape architect since 1986. Sarah has a long association with St John’s College in Meadowbank, and she has led a number of design projects for the site. She has worked with WaterCare Services Ltd and been actively involved with the Watercare Coastal walkway, Pond 2 Landfill, the Odour Bufferlands and Puketutu Island Rehabilitation projects. She has also led a number of children’s outdoor area development projects for the Auckland Kindergarten Association.

For further information please contact Michael Hawes or Sarah Collins

29 April 2014