Waterview Connection

Waterview project continues to evolve

Our urban design and landscape architecture consultants are part of the Connected Alliance, responsible for designing and building the 4.8-kilometre ‘Waterview Connection’ motorway in west Auckland. The $1.4 billion New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) project, which will include 2.5-kilometre twin tunnels, will complete the city’s ring route.

The landscape master plans were completed late last year; the detailed design of enhancements to various open spaces is underway; and landscape reinstatement works are being implemented as sections of earthworks are finalised.

The NZTA is funding a new shared pedestrian/cycle path beside Oakley Creek, as required by the Waterview Board of Inquiry. We are providing the landscape architecture, ecology and cultural advisory services within the Beca-led team designing the path and securing its consents.

The pathway will extend west Auckland’s wider path network, connecting to shared paths being developed within the main Waterview Connection project.

3 April 2013