A lifestyle village located in the heart of Richmond.

Olive Estate is an 8ha lifestyle village with a vision to change how retirement looks and feels. The masterplan was landscape-led, with environmental opportunities embedded into the design to ensure a unique identity and meaningful outcomes that relate to the sense of place.

The brief was to set the village within a park-like setting. Sound ecological principles, easy navigation and wayfinding, providing a range of living opportunities and providing commercial opportunities within the village were all key objectives – as was providing a dementia ward and hospital care to provide for different living needs.

Extensive native planting, orchards, community gardens and a stormwater system which includes swales, rain gardens and detention ponds are key features of the landscape. Connectivity and integration into the wider community are achieved through a range of on-site activities, and comprehensive trail networks.


Top of the South

Worked with

Gary Rae Consulting Ltd
Scott Construction
Verrall and Partners
Wier Walker

Project date

2014 - 2023

We provided master planning and landscape assessment work to support the project through the resource consent process, as well as project management and design for the spaces within the village. We also helped with the vision of what was being proposed for the hearing process, enabling neighbouring residents to gain an understanding of what was proposed on-site in comparison to what could be sought under the district plan provisions.

Work over the intervening years includes leading the masterplanning process, key stakeholder engagement, hearing attendance and documentation, as well as detailed design.

Olive Estate has a range of building typologies that enable residents to move within the village as their requirements change. Care and dementia services are available so the village can be home for as long as required. Collaboration has been important to the design team in ensuring that design outcomes are tested and take advantage of changing technologies and construction techniques.

Olive Estate management, architects, engineers and construction partners have consistently worked together seeking to achieve the best outcomes for the village and its residents. The village has become a valuable part of the Richmond community, its café and playground utilised by the village residents and local neighbourhood.