Thomas Guthrie

Kaihoahoa Whenua | Landscape Architect
Kaiarataki Matua | Senior Professional

I have played a key part in a range of projects ranging from residential design to masterplanning and larger commercial projects, with a particular focus on subdivisions and retirement villages. The continued work for Olive Estate Lifestyle Village has been a highlight which has spanned many years and has created a successful park-like community with a strong environmental approach to the stormwater management system. I have enjoyed taking responsibility for my own projects where I enjoy working closely with clients, with a passion for creating innovative spaces that follow a strong conceptual design process.

I have experience and a strong passion for working on projects that have offered a sensitive and considered design approach to the surrounding environment, producing resilient and versatile spaces.

My strengths include creating unique spaces through a collaborative design approach, and an inclusive consultation process. I have experience to manage a project through to completion with a broad understanding of hard and soft landscaping methods, whilst offering strong 3D visual rendering capabilities and a very design-focused skill set.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - Leeds Metropolitan University, England

Member, New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA)