Core approach

Our core approach underpins how we work to achieve successful project outcomes for our clients. We believe in having a strong customer focus, an integrated environmental view and solid leadership, communication and collaboration skills. Here is what you can expect from working with us.



Understanding is at the forefront. We begin by listening to what our clients need to achieve and understanding the environmental, political, economic and social context they are working in. We then work together with our clients to develop a clear vision.

Research and investigation

Before we progress any project, we examine the relevant background, factors and values that are likely to affect the approach and outcome. Time taken to fully understand the project context means all challenges and opportunities of the project are identified and understood. This ensures a robust approach is formed and that time is not wasted pursuing options that are outside of the scope.


With our in-house multidisciplinary team we have the ability to propose and debate solutions. Testing options and different ways of achieving project outcomes is key to achieving the best outcome for the project.


We believe the success of every project is through clear and consistent communication. This means meetings or briefings are thorough. Any required reports and documentation are comprehensive and easily understood. And timely communication is upheld throughout the project.


Achievement of project milestones within timely fashion is critical particularly when others rely on our inputs to complete their own. We are focussed on keeping to the programme where this is in our control. We also monitor any change of scope that could significantly affect milestone or project completion. Any potential change is identified and addressed with clients and/or project managers as appropriate.