Collaboration is an exciting opportunity to work together to fully understand a project from every angle, explore its possibilities and spark creative and innovative solutions based on expert knowledge. Our consultants are eager, easy-to-work with and responsive collaborators with proven experience both leading large, complex and high-profile projects, and contributing niche expertise to wider project teams. Here is how we can collaborate with you.


With any project you embark on there is a goal and many ways to reach it. We can work closely with you to create a vision and successfully deliver on it.

Consortia & Alliances

Whether you are looking for someone to lead your project to be part of a team, our consultants will combine the relevant skills, approach and proven experience to help you achieve your desired outcome.


As no two communities are the same, we work with you to understand the values unique to your community and what you would like to achieve. We then bring the right people to develop an approach and solution that fit your goals.

International agencies

When you are looking for an in-depth understand of the environment you are working in, it’s sometimes best to get a local perspective. Whether partnering with you or in a specific consulting role, we bring sound knowledge of the local statutory, cultural and environmental context.


Whether a temporary installation or a permanent fixture, art can add a dynamic and fresh aspect to a built environment. We work with our clients and engage artists to successfully integrate art into landscape projects.