Brent Barrett
Biosecurity Consultant, Associate Principal

Contact details:


Masters of Science, Ecology, University of Auckland (Hons.)

Bachelor of Science (Graduate Scholar), Conservation Biology, University of Auckland

Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (secondary), University of Canterbury


Member, New Zealand Ecological Society

Member, Ornithological Society of NZ

Member, NZ Biosecurity Institute

About Brent

Brent trained in threatened species management and behavioural biology.  He currently consults on numerous biosecurity and ecology projects and is a trained practitioner in field-based conservation and animal biosecurity.

Due to his highly diverse experience, he can apply his morphometric and behavioural knowledge of wildlife to help create species-specific devices which exclude non-target species. Following years of island-based research, he has had first-hand experience of many predator control strategies and works with his colleagues to prescribe the most up-to-date and effective plans for various reserve, park and community applications.