Dr. Jacqui Bell
Ecologist, Associate Principal

Contact details:

Tel: +64 7 903 0062


Bachelor of Marine Science (Biology), Macquarie University

Doctor of Philosophy, Marine Ecology, Macquarie University


Member and Regional Coordinator, New Zealand Coastal Society

Member, New Zealand Marine Sciences Society

About Jacqui

Jacqui has a diverse background in marine and coastal science, with experience in environmental consulting, ecological research, fisheries science and marine reserve management.

Her PhD investigated the role of sea urchins in mediating positive species interactions throughout parts of Australia and New Zealand.
Jacqui is currently involved in a variety of consulting projects, focusing particularly on the benthic effects of coastal development. She is also involved in freshwater and terrestrial ecological assessments.

Jacqui conducts all aspects of assessments including the design and implementation of surveys, fieldwork, sample processing, statistical analyses, report preparation, effects assessment, mitigation/compensation recommendations where necessary and evidence.

Jacqui’s professional goals centre on maintaining biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of environments through effective implementation of resource management.