Jos Coolen
Urban Designer, Associate Professional

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Master of Science in Urban Design and Planning, University of Technology Eindhoven

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Technology Eindhoven


Member, Urban Design Forum

Affiliate Member, NZ Institute of Landscape Architecture

About Jos

Jos graduated with his Master of Science in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 2014. He has been involved in projects ranging from region wide spatial planning to small scale urban design assessments.

He is particularly interested in the effects that urban transport design, such as walking and cycling, has on the public realm and how the sustainability and liveability of towns and cities can benefit from the integration of effective transport solutions with good urban design.

His background in architecture, building and planning has provided Jos with a sound understanding of the resource management process and the advantages of working together with different disciplines   His key strengths lie in his diverse skillset and thorough analytical approach that allow him to understand and communicate the values that make up the urban and natural environment.

A selection of Jos's projects

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