Assessments and Research

Assessments and research often form critical components of policy development, consenting requirements and environmental management. The process can effectively identify the specific values of the natural, built or social environment you are working in, and what will be impacted by your planned activities, policy changes or management. The data and insights you gain can help you make informed decisions, or when relevant, present a more robust case for development, policy changes or management. Whether you are developing policy or land, we can work with you to shape a successful outcome by identifying, assessing and managing relevant values as part of your policy development, management planning or design processes.

We can help you:

Understand statutory, cultural, heritage, urban design, landscape and ecological values relevant to a project or area.

Provide Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) for complex infrastructure and development projects.

Conduct necessary research, consultation, environmental assessment and preparation for a consent application, plan or policy change.

Undertake district and region-wide landscape, natural character and ecological studies to identify landscape character attributes, outstanding and significant landscapes and features, and significant vegetation and habits.

Assess cultural, heritage, ecological, urban design, landscape and visual effects of proposed developments or policy changes, and recommend how to design outcomes that benefit the landscape, and avoid, manage or mitigate effects.

Review and assess current environment practices to inform national and international standards.

Survey current ecological values.

Provide expert evidence at council, Environment Court, High Court, Environment Protection Agency and Board of Inquiry levels.

Research and innovation into new biosecurity tools and methods, including surveillance and detection technologies, control tools and best-practice techniques.