A number of aspects need to be taken into account when planning the consenting process. No matter how straightforward or complex your proposed activity is, preparation will make all the difference. However it can be challenging navigating exactly what you need to do to prepare a strong consent application. We can guide you through the statutory process and ensure you have the necessary plans, assessments and stakeholder support for a successful consenting outcome.

We can help you:

Conduct necessary research, consultation, environmental assessments and prepare documentation for a consent application.

Provide expert evidence at council, Environment Court, High Court, Environment Protection Agency and Board of Inquiry levels.

Prepare and audit resource consent applications under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Conduct Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE).

Undertake visual, landscape, ecological, social, heritage, cultural and urban design assessments.

Prepare Notice of Requirements (NoR) and designations.

Develop plan changes for greenfield and other substantial new developments.