Detailed design and Specification

It’s exciting to reach the stage of developing the conceptual design into detailed construction drawings so that your project can be implemented. Not only do you have to develop a quality design solution, you also have to consider how to lessen any environmental impacts during implementation, and the ongoing operation and maintenance of your built project. With so many decisions to be made, it’s crucial to focus on a sustainable but pragmatic approach. We can work with you to develop detailed design and specifications that use an appropriate palette of materials for performance and visual suitability, whilst staying within your project cost parameters and meeting the required statutory standards.

We can help you:

Develop robust and co-ordinated Tender and Construction Documentation to avoid uncertainty at the implementation stage.

Design and implement landscape and urban spaces that are fit for purpose and add value to your project.

Consider capacity and resourcing for maintenance in the detailed design and specifications.

Select appropriate materials, details and plant species for improving the ecological value of the site.

Ensure design adheres to local council and national standards in respect of environmental requirements, safety and quality.