Management and Monitoring

Effective resource management comes from knowing exactly what values you have in an environment, and then finding the best way to address ongoing management, monitoring, conservation and improvements. We can work with you to both monitor a wide range of ecological and cultural values, and to develop comprehensive management or conservation plans to gain more value from the resources under your management.

We can help you:

Survey current environmental values.

Determine what ecological, landscape, heritage and cultural values to protect, restore or enhance.

Develop and implement strategies to protect, restore, rehabilitate or enhance the environment.

Create conservation or management plans for future management or development of the environment.

Monitor ecological values and environmental attributes such as water quality, to ensure protection, restoration or rehabilitation success, or to meet resource consent conditions.

Recognise and enhance the landscape values of a site.

Develop strategies to manage a site to maintain the landscape values.

Preparation of management plans and strategies for terrestrial, freshwater and marine pest species