Master planning

Master planning creates a ‘big picture’ vision to meet future needs within a community or local landscape. It can be used to address challenges or opportunities related to economy and business, movement, natural environment, built environment, community well-being, culture or heritage. It can also be a sensitive process with many stakeholders whose expectations need to be carefully managed. We can work with you to develop a master plan that sets a clear direction for future management, design and development, while engaging your stakeholders and community.

We can help you:

Develop a practical vision that illustrates a future layout for an area or specific site.

Conduct feasibility and site analysis to identify the underlying structure of an area or community.

Facilitate stakeholder and government agency consultations.

Structure planning and the development of spatial growth frameworks.

Improve the quality of public spaces.

Enhance the flow of pedestrian and cycle routes to and through areas or specific sites.

Develop precincts, entertainment, retail/commerce and residential while encouraging mixed use activities.