Planning and Strategic Policy advice

Effective planning and strategic policy have the power to improve the quality of life and environments, as well as boost economic performance of a region or community. Policy has to be based on good quality research, assessment and consultation, and grounded in sound knowledge of central, regional and local government requirements and obligations. Even more so if it needs to stand up to review in the political or public eye. Our experienced and highly-regarded planning experts can work with you to develop, change and administer plans and policy to achieve better resource management outcomes.7

We can help you:

Develop, change or implement policy statements and plans in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991 and other relevant statutory frameworks.

Prepare, research, assess and process district and regional plan changes for private interests and local authorities.

Prepare submissions.

Designate land for future use.

Facilitate stakeholder and agency consultation.

Provide specialist ecology, landscape and urban design inputs to policy statements, plans or submissions.

Plan for urban growth or change.

Prepare urban design development guidelines.

Develop and implement policy to enable growth or revitalisation strategies.

Assess land use and economic efficiency of an area or community.

Provide expert evidence at planning hearings before councils, the Environment Court and Boards of Inquiry.

Carry out, or advise on, statutory decision-making duties.