Council and Government

With increased demand on Councils and the Government to achieve more with less, even small scale changes to limited budgets can sometimes make a considerable difference. The key is knowing where and how to direct expenditure in order to maximise public benefit. To achieve this we can help you to develop and deliver more strategic, co‑ordinated and cost effective responses.


Environmental monitoring and management
Apply accepted resource management principles and practices to enhance, restore and manage your natural and built environments.

Policy and planning 
Develop strategies, policies and plans that are appropriately scoped, fit for purpose and result in improved environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes for national, regional and local communities.

Public spaces 
Improve the quality, accessibility and functionality of public spaces by successfully integrating and managing the interaction between people, vehicles and place.

Research, studies and assessments
Identify the environmental, social, cultural and economic values and conditions that influence the environment you are working in and the communities you interact with.

Urban growth and revitalisation
Understand the dynamics of growth and renewal to effectively anticipate and respond to changing community needs and aspirations.

Develop management plans and strategies for terrestrial, freshwater and marine biosecurity needs, for national, regional and local agencies. Develop and roll-out cutting edge practices and technologies, and project manage and deliver pest control operations.