The planning and design of education facilities require careful consideration. In all learning environments there is scope to create a range of activities to enthuse and stimulate students of different ages in a safe environment. However, we need to balance developing flow and function with providing for the social, physical and educational wellbeing of the students and the wider school community. We have long and varied experience in the education field working with our clients to design safe, innovative and cost-effective spaces.


Provide a range of flexible opportunities for teachers to work with children to allow them to explore within their outdoor areas whilst meeting playground safety standards.

Develop well connected, simple, clear spaces for a range of activities including outdoor education and environments for learning. Encourage students to explore, use initiative and interact physically with environment.

Complement or extend current school facilities to give students quiet areas for academic focus and environments for learning, as well as places for social and extra-curricular activity.

Think about how spaces could be used as environments for learning, while catering to a wide range of students and faculties, and integrating with existing facilities, the wider community and infrastructure.