A well informed master plan or development design can create and connect neighbourhoods, improve and enhance environments, preserve any ecological values and increase the community activity in an area. Many brownfield and greenfield property developments incorporate a significant public or private open space component which done well can improve the economic return on the investment made. We can help you meet your functional requirements and economic goals while delivering spaces in which people will want to live, work and play.


Affordable housing
Create a range of housing choice and housing design within various forms of property ownership.

Plan and design developments that maximise commercial value within current or potential urban or community context.

Develop industrial sites that bring economic benefits while minimising environmental effects.

Papakāinga housing
Work with local communities to create distinct cultural patterns of land development with a strong focus on community.

Develop a master plan that incorporate sections, open space, infrastructure and roading networks for quality living environments, while maintaining and enhancing any ecological values.

Tourism and resorts 
Implement effective strategies for developing, siting and managing tourism and resort facilities, services and landscape.