Affordable housing for Māori hapu

Affordable housing for Māori hapu Affordable housing for Māori hapu Affordable housing for Māori hapu

A new subdivision being developed by the Ngā Potiki a Tamapahore Trust will see new houses built in Papamoa, including affordable housing for members of the Ngā Potiki hapu.

Ngā Potiki has launched the first stage of ‘Manawa – the heart of Papamoa’ on a 20-hectare block of Treaty Settlement land in the key urban growth area of Papamoa East. It will include a mix of housing types made available through various ownership, license or rental arrangements to meet current market demands. Larger sections are being sold on the open market through a group of approved builders, while subsidised medium-density lots are being set aside for members of the Ngā Potiki hapu.

The development is the first of its kind in Tauranga. Boffa Miskell landscape architect and urban designer, Morné Hugo, who has been leading the master planning, urban design and landscape design aspects of the development, believes it will set a precedent for further good quality, affordable housing developments throughout the country.In its urban design role, the Boffa Miskell design team has produced design guidelines to ensure that each dwelling and site will adhere to good urban design principles, such as safety and connectivity, and contribute consistently to the desired tranquil, high quality neighbourhood character.

The Stage One development of 240 houses will be anchored on a main boulevard and will also include two reserve areas and a long swale wetland. A small commercial area, village green and retirement village are proposed for stage two of the development.The landscape design recognises the site’s rich cultural and archaeological significance, including the presence of several historic pā sites.

For further information please contact Morné Hugo

28 July 2017