Cornwall Park 100-year Masterplan

Boffa Miskell is delighted to be working in collaboration with Nelson Byrd Woltz on a masterplan for Auckland’s historic Cornwall Park that will look 100 years into the future.

Nelson Byrd Woltz has been commissioned by the Cornwall Park Trust Board to lead the 100-year masterplan project with Boffa Miskell providing the local collaboration and project partner. This appointment continues the design history of the Park with the original 1902 plan prepared by young San Francisco based landscape architect, Austin Strong.

Rachel de Lambert, Director:: Design at Boffa Miskell says Boffa Miskell has been advising the Board on the park’s development and management for more than 30 years.

“Cornwall Park is regarded as a great urban open space in world terms. The vision of Sir John Logan Campbell and the series of Trust Boards over the years is evident in the Park today.”

“It is tremendously exciting to be given the opportunity to work with Nelson Byrd Woltz – like the original designers, from the United States – to envision the next 100 years for the Park and its users.”

The Park Director, Michael Ayrton, said the Masterplan would be critical to enhancing the park as one of New Zealand’s most valued public urban spaces.

“Our aim is that the park continues to provide a profound and relevant experience for the citizens of Auckland. We are confident that the Masterplan will help to achieve that, and provide a vision for the park that the whole community can embrace.”

The two design firms have already met and immediately identified common values and a shared mission. Fundamental to the 100-year vision will be recognition of Cornwall Park’s unique landscape history – the original park design as well as farming, Māori and settler values.

The plan will also need to enable future Trust Boards to make essential design and maintenance decisions as circumstances change, while still being true to the long-term vision. Urban ecology and public education will be brought to the project to facilitate long-term sustainability and public appreciation.

For further information please contact Rachel de Lambert

27 June 2013