Dr Sharon De Luca named a Partner

The Boffa Miskell partner group and directors welcome Dr Sharon De Luca as a full partner.

Since joining Boffa Miskell in 2007, Sharon’s project work has included the assessment of effects on coastal/marine and freshwater ecological values for a range of activities, preparation of aquatic monitoring programmes, habitat surveys, contaminant analyses and restoration plans and preparation and presentation of expert witness evidence. She’s also qualified to be appointed as an independent RMA hearing commissioner.

Her clients include  private landowners, district and regional Councils, infrastructure companies, and Government Agencies and Departments; she has worked with Waka Kotahi NZTA, on a number of Roads of National Significance.

Sharon has served as managing principal of the Tauranga office, and mentored many of the ecologists; and for several years was the main coordinator of the company’s Taupo Great Lake Relay Team.

For further information please contact Dr. Sharon De Luca

24 August 2020