Nga Pua Mahara – Petals of Remembrance

A short film about the construction and opening of the New Zealand Passchendaele Memorial Garden

The New Zealand Memorial Garden at Passchendaele was designed by landscape architect Cathy Challinor was commissioned by the New Zealand-based Passchendaele Society to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI battle.

The hard elements of the garden, including the aggregate base, 846 bronze inlays and concrete column pierced with 2700 pinholes that represent the casualties at the end of the first day of battle, were produced and prefabricated in New Zealand.

Cathy says, “An essential element was to bring as many elements as possible from here in New Zealand – particularly the aggregate and the stone, as those truly are ‘of the earth’. This literally is a part of Aotearoa brought to Passchendaele.”

After a 40-day journey from the Auckland War Memorial to the Passchendaele site, the memorial was assembled, and opened as part of the Centenary remembrance of the Battle.

The Passchendaele Society, with support from Westpac and Boffa Miskell, produced a short documentary about the Memorial Garden, and the opening. The film premiered in late March, and can be viewed above.

For further information please contact Cathy Challinor

12 April 2018