Roading Excellence Awards 2012

Boffa Miskell is proud to have contributed to two winning projects in the Roading Excellence Awards 2012: - the Victoria Park tunnel and the Auckland city centre shared space streetscapes.

The annual awards, which are open to all organisations involved in the delivery of roading projects in New Zealand, promote leadership, excellence and best practice within the industry, as well as collaboration and innovation.

Auckland City Centre Shared Space Streetscape

The Maccaferri Excellence Award for a Medium Road Project went to the Auckland City Centre Shared Space Streetscape, a project undertaken collaboratively by Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Boffa Miskell, Architectus and JFC.

Shared Space is a design approach that seeks to fundamentally change the way streets operate by reducing the dominance of vehicles, primarily through lowering speeds and encouraging drivers to behave more accommodatingly towards pedestrians.

The award-winning Fort Street, Elliott/Darby Streets and Lorne Street upgrades were concurrently designed and delivered under Auckland Council’s CBD streetscape and open spaces upgrade programme.

Boffa Miskell was the lead consultant on the Fort and Elliott/Darby Street upgrades, responsible for the preliminary site analysis, the design and the supervision of works.

As well as delivering high quality, people-friendly streetscape environments, consultation was an important aspect of the project. The project team worked with many stakeholders, from local businesses and property owners to residents

and mobility advocates, to develop design concepts, meet safety requirements and minimise disruption during construction. On completion, a public awareness and education programme was implemented to ensure that the shared street concept was well understood by all street users.

The judges commented that a “ground-breaking shift is taking place and pedestrians, vehicle drivers and retailers using the streets are pleased. “

“The project produced a great result to help revitalise downtown Auckland City which can also be applied in other city centres – a win/win outcome,” they said.

Victoria Park Tunnel

The Victoria Park Alliance consortium won the Z Energy Excellence Award for a Major Road Project and the HireQuip Best Practice Award for Environmental Sustainability for its motorway widening project in central Auckland.

Boffa Miskell was the urban design and landscape architecture sub-consultant to the Alliance on the project.

Boffa Miskell completed the Urban Design and Landscape Framework for the Notice of Requirement in 2005 and was subsequently responsible for the design and supervision of landscape works, including the restoration of Victoria Park, the development of the new Wai-atarau Plaza, the new St Mary’s Bay walkway/cycle route and innovative design features along the motorway and associated roads.

The judges commented that, despite the complexity of the $340-million three-year project, it was completed three months ahead of schedule with outcomes that “exceeded all expectations”. They concluded that it was an ‘outstanding project.”

Boffa Miskell Principal and landscape architect, Peter Whiting says the awards reflect the Alliance’s commitment to high quality outcomes throughout the project. “We are pleased to have been able to contribute to the project’s success.”

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For further information please contact John Potter or Peter Whiting

28 August 2012