Three Waters Review Reports made public

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has published three comprehensive reports on wastewater treatment, which Boffa Miskell assisted in preparing.

The Three Waters Review began in mid-2017, and ran in parallel to the latter stages of the Government Inquiry into Havelock North Drinking Water, which was set up following the campylobacter outbreak in 2016. Up to 5500 people were ill as a result and four people are thought to have died from associated causes.

The Government is comprehensively reviewing how to improve the regulation and supply arrangements of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater (Three Waters) to better support New Zealand’s people, economy, and environment. Most Three Waters assets and services, but not all, are owned and delivered by local councils.

Boffa Miskell and GHD were commissioned to scope the national level compliance cost for local authority wastewater treatment plants to meet National Policy Statement water criteria for Freshwater Management (NPS Freshwater). The Wastewater Specialists provided technical support and localised knowledge of wastewater treatment plant operations around New Zealand.

The reports focus on current regulations, compliance and the costs required to bring all wastewater treatment plants up to minimum discharge standards.

The studies identified significant disparity in regional policies, resource consent conditions and compliance approaches across New Zealand. They also provide a strong case for standardisation.

For a more comprehensive overview of our role in these reports, click here.

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13 January 2020