Trestle Leg Series

Poetry and prose writ large

Beneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge at Stokes Point/TeOnewa, painted excerpts of New Zealand literature wrap around newly strengthened ‘trestle leg’ bridge structures – inviting viewers to experience and explore.

The ‘Trestle Leg Series’ is part of a series of landscape enhancement projects we are designing for the New Zealand Transport Agency.

“The texts celebrate the North Shore’s rich heritage while also providing an intriguing visual connection to the adjacent Te Onewa Pa site, Stokes Point Reserve and the harbour edge,” says Boffa Miskell landscape architect Cathy Challinor.

As part of the design process Cathy consulted literary experts to identify the excerpts, work-shopped the selections with NZTA and local iwi representatives and then commissioned visual artist/ typographer, Catherine Griffiths, to interpret the words onto the bridge columns.

Detailed technical specifications were then developed by Sign Right / Designcraft with Total Bridge Services to ensure the high performance paint and application methods would be compatible with the bridge’s steel coating system and able to withstand ongoing bridge maintenance activities and harsh marine conditions.

For further information please contact Cathy Challinor

1 November 2012