Wind farm approved

Permission is granted for Meridian Energy to build and run Hurunui Wind in North Canterbury.

Permission to build and run ‘Hurunui Wind’, Meridian Energy’s proposed wind farm in North Canterbury, was recently granted in an unusual process that saw the resource consent application referred straight to the Environment Court.

We provided planning and terrestrial / aquatic ecological services to Meridian Energy in preparing the consent application and presenting expert evidence.

Ken Gimblett, planner and director, says the direct referral was requested to streamline the hearings process in view of the large number of submissions received, both for and against the proposal, which meant an Environment Court hearing was almost inevitable. Of the proposed 33 wind turbines, 31 were approved, with a combined generating capacity of 71.3 MW. There were no appeals.

For further information please contact Ken Gimblett

1 August 2013