Presentations and Resources

Aiming for Ecological Excellence

Watercare wanted an Excellent ISCA rating for the Central Interceptor Project. Boffa Miskell devised an ecology quantification method to measure ecological connectivity, and demonstrate an overall net ecological enhancement for the project. Dr Ian Boothroyd and Sandeep Gangar explain the project, and the process.

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September 2021

Urban Planning: Case Study

Marc Baily and Jos Coolen explain the Planning for Residential Amenity: Wellington District Plan Review, which won the 2021 Nancy Northcroft Supreme Planning Practice Award and the NZPI Best Practice — District and Regional Planning.

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July 2021

Stormwater management through wetland design

A new 35,000 sqm freshwater wetland, is one of the largest constructed wetlands in the country. Designed in collaboration with local artists, it will improve water quality and support endangered wildlife near the South Drury Crossing subdivision.

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June 2021

Reawakening natural environments for communities

During the course of the Te Auaunga (previously Oakley Creek) project, the focus shifted dramatically from a flood reduction project to establishing a regionally significant river park to accommodate flood flows, enable housing
intensification, and assist the regeneration of the community. Written by Mark Lewis and Shaun Jones.

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May 2021

Spatial planning for New Zealand’s renewable energy future

Spatial planning for renewable energy on a national scale has, so far, received limited attention in New Zealand. Landscape planner Emma McRae examines the approach taken by Wales in developing a methodology for identifying areas suitable for future renewables development.

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April 2021

A Walk on the Wild Side

An imaginative new playground at King’s School in Remuera is designed on the premise that experiencing a sense of adventure and perceived risk develops resilience. Landscape architect Aynsley Cisaria explains the project.

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February 2021

Where the Valley meets the Sea

On 162 hectares of what once was farmland at Auckland’s Long Bay, only small pockets of native forest remained. A 10-year residential development changed that. Landscape architect Emma Todd explains how a sense of place guided development.

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December 2020

Reawakening Natural Environments for Communities

An Auckland Council Healthy Waters project, the restoration of Oakley Creek / Te Auaunga remedies flooding issues for a stomwater catchment and delivers a water-sensitive, green-design project and new community open space. Written by Mark Lewis and Shaun Jones.

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November 2020

Garden Party

Architecture NZ editor Chris Barton visited Metlifecare’s Gulf Rise innovative retirement living community and was captivated by a space made in which Boffa Miskell Landscape Architects brought back the birds and the bees.

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May 2020

A Year On, What Have We Learnt?

One year after the National Planning Standards took effect, planners Hamish Wesney and Stephanie Styles discuss the lessons and challenges for local government.

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May 2020

Growing social spaces

MetLifeCare asked communications advisor Kathleen Kinney to provide an article for their company magazine; explaining how Boffa Miskell undertakes design of outdoor spaces in senior living communities.

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March 2020

Smart Solutions: Erosion

Ecologists Stephen Fuller and Vaughan Keesing discuss the challenges of erosion management in large-scale infrastructure projects.

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November 2019

Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade

A profile of Boffa Miskell’s work with Thames-Coromandel District Council and project partners to revitalise one of the North Island most iconic holiday destinations.

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August 2019

Smart Solutions: Planning

Dave Moule is one of three experts interviewed in this closer look at the role of active engagement in planning decision-making.

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May 2019

Upfront: Project Updates

Boffa Miskell’s work managing invasive lake weeds, in strategic partnership with LINZ and Otago Regional Council is profiled; and project manager Marcus Girvan is interviewed.

Read about work on the Kawarau River

Read about work in Lake Dunstan

March 2019

Public Spaces, Private Emotions

Boffa Miskell communications advisor Kathleen Kinney interviews engagement strategist Mark Ames.

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December 2018

Smart Solutions: Coastal Management

Landscape planner Rhys Girvan and landscape architect Emma MacRae explain their work with Porirua District Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

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December 2018

Lake Weed Threat Ignored

A warning in 1985 that invasive lagarosiphon would eventually choke Central Otago’s Lake Dunstan, and recommendations for mitigating the threat, went unheeded. The weed now saturates the lake. Boffa Miskell biosecurity consultants, in a strategic advisory partnership with LINZ, now manage aquatic weeds and other biosecurity issues for lakes in Central Otago and Rotorua. Project manager Marcus Girvan is interviewed.

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September 2018

Where children, ecology and stormwater meet

Thanks to creative solutions by Boffa Miskell ecologists and landscape architects, a small piece of land on Whangaparoa Peninsula serves the community’s needs for stormwater management and recreation.

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July 2018

Case Study: Stormwater Discharge Monitoring

Tauranga City Council was granted a comprehensive consent for stormwater discharge in 2012, with a requirement to monitor the stormwater quality and ecological vales of freshwater and marine receiving environments.
Ecologist Kieran Miller was part of the team, and explains the process.

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May 2018

Wellington Region: Together, but Separate

Wellington-based planner Robert Schofield discusses the benefits of an integrated approach for a multi-jurisdictional metropolitan area.

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March 2018

Tweeting Truth to Power

Boffa Miskell communications advisor Kathleen Kinney considers the online conversations shaping cities and public spaces.

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January 2018

Innovations in Foreshore Management

Ecologist Dr Sharon De Luca was one of the experts interviewed.

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December 2017

No Swimming

New Zealand Geographic takes an insightful look at Auckland stormwater management and its innovative foray into stream daylighting, featuring Te Auaunga Awa – Oakley Creek and the award-winning La Rosa stream, both designed by Boffa Miskell.

New Zealand Geographic Issue 145

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May 2017

Sunny Heights Subdivision Promotional Video

Sunny Heights is a development in Orewa providing 570 dwellings including detached houses, zero lot houses, terraces and apartments.

Despite challenging constraints such as a steep topography and a sizeable Significant Ecology Area (SEA) at the centre of the site, our team has managed to identify opportunities and define a high quality environment aimed at creating a community. The design includes supporting amenities for residents such as local shops, a café, a childcare facility and a central open space, all connected by pathways to encourage walking, cycling and social interaction.

The project has been developed by Beca and Boffa Miskell for Changda NZ International in collaboration with Auckland Council.

Watch the video

December 2016

Business Central – Stage three of the Kairangi launched

Stage three of the Kairangi development in Booth Street, Miramar, Wellington will be launched shortly. Both stages one and two, which comprise a total of 39 two, three and four-bedroom units are complete. The project was designed by Jerram Tocker Barron architectures with landscaping designed by Boffa Miskell.

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October 2016

Street Fight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution

Breaking the street into its component parts, Streetfight demonstrates, with step-by-step visuals, how to rewrite the underlying “source code” of a street, with pointers on how to add protected bike paths, improve crosswalk space, and provide visual cues to reduce speeding.

Boffa Miskell’s project “O’Connell Street” and “Fort Street” are featured as examples of excellent street design in Auckland.

Janetter Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow


May 2016

Focus 01 Housing Feature Winter 2016

Gone are the days of the traditional New Zealand ‘¼ acre suburban dream’. As our population grows the need for medium density development is increasing, our aging demographic needs more housing choice and housing affordability is a major concern – the issues are broad and pressing.
So how do we meet the range of today’s housing needs and the expectations for sustainable urban growth?

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June 2016


Is Bigger Better?

Boyden Evans discusses the landscape and visual implications of increasing efficiency and size of wind turbines and the number of wind farms.

NZ Wind Energy Conference

Download Boyden’s presentation slides

See all the conference presentations here

April 2016

From the Ground Up

Hazeldean Business Park in Christchurch became a sought-after location for businesses post-earthquakes. This article highlights our involvement in this project through responsibility for the overall landscape design.

Commercial Design Trends Vol 29 No 12

Read the full article on My Trends

February 2014

Symbolic – On Many Levels

Boffa Miskell was responsible for the landscape architecture surrounding Christchurch’s transitional ‘Cardboard Cathedral’ which was one of the first projects to be completed post-earthquakes.

Read the full article on pages 28-32 of Commercial Design Trends Vol 29 No 12

February 2014

Marlborough Landscape Study

To assist in the review of the landscape provisions contained in the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan and the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan, in 2009 the Council commissioned Boffa Miskell Ltd to reassess Marlborough’s landscapes, characterising and evaluating them in accordance with best practice for landscape analysis and assessment. As a result of this study landscapes with high visual amenity value and landscapes and features that have outstanding values were identified.

Read the full report here >

Read more about the project >

August 2015

Absolute myth busters?

Rhys Girvan and Greg Vossler explore implications relating to the identification and management of outstanding natural features and landscapes in light of two recent legal decisions.

Landscape Architecture New Zealand No 27

Read the full article on Architecture Now

September 2015

Well Connected

Employing urban design principles from the outset of the Carlaw Park project has led to a well-connected series of buildings and open spaces.

Commercial Design Trends Vol 30 No 6

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September 2015


Landscape, Natural Character, Aquaculture and the NZKS Supreme Court Decision

Paper presented by Landscape Planner James Bentley at the 2015 Coasts and Ports Conference which considered the range of potential landscape and natural character effects of aquaculture development in light of the NZKS Supreme Court Decision.

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September 2015

Stream Reconstruction – Lessons Learnt

Presentation by Mark Lewis – Landscape Architect with Boffa Miskell at the 2014 Water Symposium, outlining lessons learnt through the design and construction phases of stream reconstruction.

Download PDF

November 2014

Inter-view: The contribution of urban design panels to Auckland’s urban story

Over 50 developers, planners, landscape architects, urban designers and architects tell the story of Auckland’s urban design history over the last decade. Projects highlighted throughout the book include Hurstmere Green, Manukau Tertiary Centre and Transport Interchange and Waterview Connection.

Published by Beatnik Publishing in association with Auckland Council

November 2014

Coastal Natural Character of Marlborough

Presented at the 2012 New Zealand Planning Institute by James Bentley, a Landscape Planner and Principal at Boffa Miskell.

Access the presentation directly from the NZ Planning Institute website >

May 2013

Auckland: New City Spaces

Published by Balasoglou Books, this booklet highlights projects that have contributed to revitalising Auckland, such as Elliot and Darby Streets, St Patrick’s Square, Te Wero and Victoria Park Tunnel.

To buy the publication please contact the publishers, Balasoglou Books >

April 2013

Natural Character and the NZCPS 2010: Marlborough Workshop – summary of discussions and outcomes

Boffa Miskell, along with other resource management practitioners were involved in a workshop assisting the Department Of Conservation (DOC) create guidelines for undertaking Natural Character assessments. The Marlborough Natural Character Study was used as a template. This is being currently updated. The outcomes of the meeting involving Boyden Evans and James Bentley from Boffa Miskell can be viewed here >

October 2012

paiseaDos 05 australia – new zealand

This paiseaDos edition includes a selection of landscape architecture projects from New Zealand, inclusive of Bayside Reserve and St Patrick’s Square.

Find out more on the paisea website >

April 2011

Native By Design; Landscape Design with New Zealand Plants

Published by the Canterbury University Press, edited by Ian Spellerberg and Michele Frey.

The book showcases a number of New Zealand’s leading landscape architects, including Boffa Miskell’s Sam Bourne. Sam’s chapter focuses on the Watercare Walkway and Mangere Waste Water Treatment Plant project, one of Auckland’s largest construction projects. The chapter explains how native plants were used in the project, the principles applied, and how ecological restoration can involve the local community.

Sam explains, “the design of green infrastructure is becoming increasingly part of Boffa Miskell’s work and at Watercare, native plants have been utilised at the scale of city infrastructure. Worldwide, cities are grappling with what options they have for redeveloping their post-industrialised and infrastructure landscapes for the benefit of the city residents and the local ecology. This project is a unique Auckland example.”

For more information please contact Sam Bourne >

September 2020

Te Keteparaha Mo Nga Papakāinga

Western Bay of Plenty Māori Housing Toolkit prepared for the Joint Agency Group.

View toolkit >

March 2020

Riverscape and Flow Assessment Guidelines

Guidelines to assist in the selection of methods, based on landscape, natural character and visual amenity considerations, to determine river flows. The guidelines were prepared as part of a river research programme funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST) and contracted to NIWA.

Download the Guidelines >

July 2009

Historic Reserves Management Plan

The Historic Reserves Management Plan was adopted by Tauranga City Council in December 2008.

View Plan on Tauranga City website >

December 2008

Public perceptions of river flows and water allocations

Landscape planner Yvonne Pfluger studies public perceptions of natural and modified river flow regimes as part of a research project carried out by NIWA. This is a summary of the project and its findings

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September 2007

Culturally-led, science-informed water management

Freshwater quality is one of the key concerns for New Zealanders and presents a multigenerational challenge to undo the damage wrought over the past century. Gabe Ross and Mapihi Martin-Paul say a culturally led, science-informed approach to our water projects is the solution.

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July 2021

Building a tropical rainforest landscape

The brief was to build a tropical-inspired landscape on top of the exposed and sometimes windswept fourth floor of Newmarket’s new shopping centre at 277 Broadway. Landscape architect Aynsley Cisaria explains how the team of client, designer and vendors worked together to achieve the vision.

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July 2021

Hide and Seek

Writer Liz Breslin reports on the people and technology detecting and surveying the many cryptic species found throughout New Zealand. Boffa Miskell’s CritterPic® is mentioned as one of the innovations used in the field.

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May 2021

A case for Solar Energy

New Zealanders are familiar with large-scale wind technology, but solar energy generation on the scale proposed by the Climate Change Commission’s draft plan is unfamiliar to many. Landscape planner Emma McRae examines the spatial planning aspects, and landscape and visual effects assessments, that need to be considered.

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May 2021

Creating quality, engaging outdoor spaces

School environments and outdoor spaces are more than playgrounds, they are spaces for learning and connecting with nature. Landscape architect Aynsley Cisaria is one of the experts interviewed.

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February 2021

Award-winning Interpretation

Cook Landing Site National Historic Reserve was recognised with a Gold Pin at the 2020 DINZ Best Awards. Boffa Miskell landscape architect Cathy Challinor, and Nick Tupara of Ngati Oneone were creative directors on the project.

Read the article here.

February 2021

Out with the Old

In this senior living community, the bowling green has been retired. Instead, a village square, connected green spaces with a social heart and a ‘butterfly walk’ create a dynamic and colourful environment. Landscape architect Emma Todd explains the thinking behind this award-winning design.

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December 2020

Online Real-time Community Engagement Case Study

Boffa Miskell consultants provided the Connecting Dunedin alliance with an easy and accessible way to engage with the local community about proposed future transport options.

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August 2020

Going beyond the brief

Architecture New Zealand explores Waitohi Johnsonville Library and Community Hub and finds a building that prioritises placemaking and connections to the urban context.

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May 2020

3D Modelling for Better Planning

Senior GIS Specialist Sandeep Gangar explains how 3D modelling helps local councils understand and communicate the impact of proposed development scenarios.

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April 2020

Smart Solutions: Parks and Playgrounds

Landscape architects and play specialists Sarah Collins and Aynsley Cisaria talk about successful playspaces and co-designing with children.

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December 2019

Building More Playful Towns and Cities

The work of Massey University researchers, and Boffa Miskell landscape architect Aynsley Cisaria, in co-designing spaces with children.

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October 2019

GIS to the Rescue

A closer look at the innovative and NZPI award-winning Pre-1930s Character Survey, which Boffa Miskell undertook for our client, Wellington City Council.

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May 2019

Smart Solutions: Geographic Information Systems

GIS specialist John Watt is one of the experts considering the ability of GIS-based applications to help local governments engage with communities in real-time.

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April 2019

Smart Solutions: Placemaking

The Active RiverLink pop-up, designed by Boffa Miskell landscape architects, is profiled.

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March 2019

Smart Solutions: Pest Control and Management

Hawkes Bay Regional Council asked Dr Helen Blackie and Dr Lee Shapiro to help them establish best-practice guidelines for controlling feral cats.

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December 2018

Smart Solutions: Cityscapes

Marc Baily joins a discussion on what a more localist approach might mean for New Zealand’s urban spaces.

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September 2018

Smart Solutions: Planning

Planners and GIS specialists from Boffa Miskell discuss the latest digital innovations.

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August 2018

Going Digital, Right from the Start

A closer look at the New Plymouth District Council’s award-winning District Plan. NPDC engaged Boffa Miskell planners to assist with policy evaluation, preparation, data assessment and project management services to the New Plymouth District Plan Policy team.

Read the article here

June 2018

Mariner Rise: Where Ecology, Children and Stormwater Meet

Boffa Miskell landscape architects and ecologists help turn a small piece of open land into a successful outcome for the local board and residents.

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May 2018

Waterview Connection

The Waterview Connection is the final motorway connection required to complete Auckland’s Western Ring Route. It comprises twin 2.5km motorway tunnels plus associated connecting roading infrastructure and a large interchange of ramps.

Boffa Miskell was responsible for leading the delivery of landscape architecture, urban design and architectural outcomes (with Warren and Mahoney) for the Well-Connected Alliance, which is responsible for overall delivery of the project.

Read the article here

January 2018

How Hawera got a New Heart

Boffa Miskell landscape architects and urban planners advised South Taranaki District Council on a strategy to revitalise Hawera.

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December 2017

A Value of the Urban Realm Toolkit for Auckland?

Valuing the Urban Realm Toolkit (VURT) methodology was developed by Transport for London (TfL) Urban Design unit in 2016, as a way to place the Public Realm on par with more easily measured aspects. In early 2017, a collaborative partnership between Boffa Miskell and Auckland Council’s Auckland Design Office researched the potential to use VURT in New Zealand, applying VURT to three real streetscape proposals in Auckland’s City Centre. The research team was led by Stuart Houghton, along with Michael Nettleship and Olivia Johnstone. The research project looked at three Auckland locations: a future light rail transit mall for Queen Street; the proposed Karangahape Road Cycleway project; as well as the existing O’Connell Street Shared Space.

Download the report [4.2MB] >

June 2017

Density Done Well

Lisa Mein explains the concept and application of ‘co-design’ and creative engagement with communities. Lisa was a panellist in an event titled ‘Density Done Well’, which explored the process of placemaking, alongside how we can create high quality medium density developments. Hosted by SmartGrowth BOP in partnership with the New Zealand Institute of Architects, the panel talk was presented as part of the Festival of Architecture held throughout the country. Four panellists from the fields of local government, property development, architecture and urban design talked about the issues and challenges in creating meaningful places and spaces for communities, as cities move to develop urban areas with greater-density living.

Lisa’s main points are summarised in this video by SmartGrowth BOP

September 2017

Recreational Opportunities

Sarah Collins and Larissa Moyle discuss the recreational opportunities provided by three infrastructure projects

Read the article here

November 2016

Salmon Lecture Webinar 2016

Rachel de Lambert of Boffa Miskell delivers the annual RMLA Salmon Lecture from the Northern Club in Auckland. The lecture was a presentation of her paper; Auckland’s Urban Form: Quality Compact? An immersive introduction to the importance of form, density and height in urban planning, where she draws on GIS analysis and lessons from the past to demonstrate the possibilities for New Zealand’s future cityscapes.

Watch the webinar here

July 2016

Central Hutt River Regeneration Project

Boffa Miskell helped Greater Wellington Regional Council, Hutt City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency to develop an integrated plan for flood protection, transport connections and urban amenity in the Hutt Valley.

Read the article here.

August 2016

The Future of Placemaking and Urban Design

Stuart Houghton offers insight on what local authorities should expect when it comes to placemaking and urban design.

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May 2016


Rivers Group Symposium 2015

Rhys Girvan discusses UAV usage to assist Greater Wellington with Floodplain Management Plans and along the Hutt River at the Rivers Group Symposium 2015. Using to UAV we can show a conceptual model on how the area would look after the changes and illustrate the extent of the floodplain management works.

“Using the UAV to capture an understanding of the study area and moving in to 3D modelling of the process of that area”

Watch the presentation on Youtube

March 2015

Lively Precincts

Article on the revitalisation of the Auckland CBD. Boffa Miskell has been working with Auckland Council to transform key streets and open spaces to make them more pedestrian-friendly.

Commercial Design Trends Vol 29 No 9

Read the full article on My Trends

February 2014

Public Benefit

Feature article on the refurbishment of the ANZ Centre in Auckland’s CBD. Our team redesigned the plaza at the base of the tower, providing links with the adjacent St Patrick’s Square.

Commercial Design Trends Vol 29 No 6

Read the full article on My Trends

Read more about the ANZ Centre refurbishment in ‘Refreshing Change’

February 2014

Passchendaele Memorial Garden

Landscape Architecture magazine features Boffa Miskell’s design proposal that was selected as the winning entry in an invited design competition run by the New Zealand based Passchendaele Society to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele.

Landscape Architecture New Zealand No 26

Read about the design on Architecture Now

June 2015

Water, water, everywhere

Mark Lewis contributed to Auckland Council’s recently published water-sensitive design guide GD04. The Boffa Miskell-designed Long Bay subdivision is used as a case study example of WSD being integrated into the initial planning process.

Landscape Architecture New Zealand No 27

Read the full article on Architecture Now

September 2015


Mangroves in NZ – Misunderstandings and Management

Paper presented by Ecologist Dr Sharon De Luca at the 2015 Coasts and Ports Conference exploring the values and perceptions of mangroves in New Zealand.

Read this paper

September 2015

The Natural Character of selected Marlborough Rivers and their margins

Marlborough District Council (MDC) engaged Boffa Miskell Ltd (BML) to assess selected rivers and their margins in the Marlborough Region under Section 6(a) of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) as part of their review of the natural character aspects of the Regional Policy Statement (RPS), the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan (MSRMP) and the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan (WARMP).

Read the full report here >

Read more about the project >

May 2014

Public Landscape – Street Furniture II

This book showcases interesting ways street furniture has been applied in public spaces around the world. Boffa Miskell’s design of Te Wero Island & Eastern Viaduct is featured in the chapter ‘Public Space’.

Hi-Design International Publishing

November 2014

Chinese Landscape Architecture – Landscape Architecture in New Zealand

2013 Vol.29 205 01

Chinese Landscape Architecture’s reviews landscape architecture in New Zealand. Boffa Miskell contributed the following articles:

Low impact Stormwater design in New Zealand -authored by Landscape Architects Mark Lewis and Chris Bentley.

Transformational public space – authored by Michael Hawes, Landscape Architect.

For more information please visit the Journal of Chinese Landscape Architecture website >

November 2013


Quality Planning: Landscape Assessment

The RMA Quality Planning Resource aims to support better practice in regards to resource management in New Zealand. Boffa Miskell has recently contributed the chapter on landscape assessment to the RMA Quality Planning website. The Boffa Miskell contributors include James BentleyRhys GirvanGreg Vossler and Boyden Evans.

View information on the Quality Planning website >

August 2013

Urban Landscape Furniture

Urban Landscape Furniture looks at at the use of city public spaces throughout the world and how urban furniture trends affect lifestyles and cultures.

Three Boffa Miskell projects are showcased:

  • Te Puke Heritage Walkway redevelopment – Morné Hugo
  • Elliott & Darby Street Upgrade – John Potter
  • London Quay – Michael Hawes

Hi-Design International Publishing

November 2012


Boffa Miskell Limited: Multi-Discipline Collaboration

Rachel de Lambert, Partner, Boffa Miskell

An article published in the International Federation of Landscape Architects’ (IFLA) Newsletter, Issue No. 92, ‘Interdisciplinary Practice’. Outlines the multi-disciplinary approach that has been inherent in Boffa Miskell’s work for nearly 40 years, the benefits to the design process and environmental outcomes, with recent project examples.

For more information please contact Rachel de Lambert >

To read article see page 2, IFLA Newsletter No. 92 >

April 2011

Ngāti Rangitihi Iwi Environmental Management Plan

Boffa Miskell helped Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust to prepare their Environmental Management Plan.

Access plan and other relevant information directly >

October 2010

Canterbury Landscape Study Review

Territorial assessment of Canterbury’s landscape values prepared for Environment Canterbury by Boffa Miskell.

The Boffa Miskell team included Yvonne Pflüger and Nicola Rykers.

Published: July 2010

View Canterbury Landscape Study Review >

July 2010

The Integration of LID and Urban Design

Mark Lewis, Landscape Architect & Ecologist with Boffa Miskell.

A paper presented at the Flock Hill Workshop, Urban Ecology and Ecological Design: Perspectives in Integration and Future Directions at Lincoln University. The paper covered principles and methodologies in integrating low impact design, urban design and urban form.

Download PDF >

September 2009


Heritage Viewpoints

Rachel de Lambert, Leader::Design and Landscape Architect with Boffa Miskell.

A talk at the Auckland City Council’s ‘lunchtime learning’ ‘Mayoral Conversation’ forum about opportunities for landscape to change whilst remembering the past, with reference to recent Boffa Miskell work for the council on heritage landscape mapping and policy in Auckland city.

Watch Rachel’s take on the UrbanDesignAuckland YouTube channel

September 2009

Atlas of World Landscape Architecture

An atlas of landscape architecture projects from around the world. It demonstrates how landscape architecture is affected by globalisation through shared tastes and sources of inspiration.

Boffa Miskell projects ‘London Quay’ and ‘Te Wero Island & Eastern Viaduct Enhancement’ are featured in the atlas.

Published by Braun Publishing, edited by Markus Sebastian Braun and Chris van Uffelen.

July 2014

Issues for EcIA in the marine environment in New Zealand

Marine ecologist Dr Sharon De Luca say assessments of ecological effects on the marine environment in New Zealand can be challenging due to a number of factors, including an overlapping and convoluted legislative framework, the complex nature of marine habitats, a lack of data, the spatial scales and interconnectedness of marine areas; and a lack of guidelines for impact assessment. She outlines the ways in which some of these factors affect the reliability of descriptions and impact assessments, and consider how these might influence the quality of resource management in the marine area.

Read the article here

April 2019