Welcoming the 2023 Partners and Associate Partners

9 May 2023

Consultants in Ecology, Landscape Planning, Landscape Architecture and Planning are named Partners and Associate Partners for 2022.

2023 Associate Partners

Dr Tanya Blakely is an expert freshwater ecologist and our Technical Leader for Science. Her career started in research at university, initially studying urban stream restoration in Christchurch, then exploring invertebrate communities in the high canopies of the South Island’s temperate rainforests for her PhD research, before undertaking a post-doctoral fellowship on urban streams in Singapore. Her projects include working with contractors to ensure that roading infrastructure doesn’t impact fish migration and freshwater habitats and life in general. She is very passionate about this area of work and it reflects her love of sharing knowledge with others and finding solutions to protect and enhance the environment.

James Bentley consistently contributes to the development of the landscape planning profession within Boffa Miskell through mentoring and assisting others, and more broadly through the refinement of assessment methodologies, including interpreting parts of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 by way of refining a methodology. Many of the projects James has worked on have been large scale, environmental planning projects, including utilities, infrastructure, mining, aquaculture and retirement complexes/ subdivisions. James also has extensive experience in broad-scale landscape and natural character assessments for second generation resource management plans, where he has identified Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Natural Character areas throughout the country.

Pete Whiting has contributed to several significant large-scale landscape projects, as well as environmental, infrastructure, transport, commercial, public open space, town centre redevelopment, streetscapes, institutional and private mixed-use residential developments. He is particularly talented in masterplanning and conceptual design solutions, detailed design and project management. He has held design leadership roles on large, complex infrastructure projects such as the Newmarket Viaduct Connection, Victoria Park Tunnel, Waterview Connection and Kaikoura Transport Recovery projects. Pete has contributed significantly to leadership within the Auckland office in his role as Managing Principal from 2007 to 2011. He is also very committed to the profession of landscape architecture, having mentored many younger professionals through their NZILA registration, and in project work.

Mark Brown has been involved in a wide range of high-profile landscape, public realm and master planning projects. A reliable, organised and experienced project manager, he has been involved in significant earthquake recovery projects and associated developments in Christchurch. These include the Antigua to Durham, Victoria Square and Rauora Park sections of the Avon River Precinct anchor project and the QEII Recreation and Sport Centre. Mark has an active leadership and mentoring role in the South Island Design team and was instrumental in the establishment and success of the Dunedin office.

2022 Partners

Emma Todd is a landscape architect. Her interests lie in the design of high-quality urban streetscapes and public realm spaces, and in open space development. Emma has successfully led, managed and implemented large mixed-use housing developments, social housing, aged-care and public realm design projects, notably the award-winning Long Bay residential development and Gulf Rise retirement community.

Dave Moule is Managing Principal of the Hamilton office. With over 17 years’ experience in RMA planning, Dave provides expert resource management advice to a range of clients to facilitate practical outcomes that balance the needs of the client with the relevant statutory requirements. He has played in role in many high-profile projects in and around the Waikato region, including Greenhill Park and the Ruakura development.

Yvonne Pfluger has worked as a Landscape Planner and environmental consultant. She specialises in the preparation of landscape and visual assessments for development projects within sensitive environments. She has prepared and presented evidence for a wide variety of projects at a range of scales for Council and Environment Court hearings, mediation and expert conferencing.

Partners and Associate Partners play a leading role in the sustainability, growth and development of the company as trusted advisors to our clients. In addition to their consultancy roles, they contribute to setting the overall company direction with the Board and confirming key appointments and promotions.

For further information please contact Dr Tanya Blakely, James Bentley, Pete Whiting, Mark Brown, Emma Todd, Dave Moule or Yvonne Pfluger