Ashburton Town Centre Concept Plan

The Concept Plan sets a broad framework for improvement

Boffa Miskell was engaged by the Ashburton District Council to develop a Concept Plan for improvements to Ashburton Town Centre. Boffa Miskell had previously prepared a Development Plan for the wider town which was adopted by Council in 2005, and the up-grading of the town centre was identified as an important action.

The Concept Plan sets a broad framework for improvement, building on the foundations of the existing layout. Its implementation will take effect over several years. The Concept Plan aims to co-ordinate a range of individual actions and changes to create a strong focus for the social, civic, business, entertainment and living activities of the District and create a safer and more pleasant place for the future.

Regular Councillor workshops were held throughout the development of the Concept Plan. Consultation days were then successfully held for key stakeholders and the wider public. Preliminary design options for three key areas were prepared in greater detail as part of the consultation process. These gave an impression of what the Ashburton Town Centre might look like in the future.

The Concept Plan has been agreed by Council and Boffa Miskell is assisting with overseeing implementation and design development of key projects.

The District Plan gives effect to some of the proposed changes through new zoning and development controls.

Our role

Planning, Urban Design

The facts

ClientAshburton District Council
Project teamTim Church
Project date2005