Flanshaw Road School Planning Flanshaw Road School Planning

Flanshaw Road School Planning

Proactively addressing potential planning issues identified during concept design phase

The design team was asked to look at a comparatively small improvement at the entry to the school, however, we soon realised there were a range of potential planning issues.

The planning review identified the planning constraints associated with this site which is designated for MOE purposes. Hence, if we comply with wider constraints an Outline Plan Waiver or Outline Plan of Works only will be required. We understand the constraints around a 220kv transmission line which crosses a corner of the site, as well as access and parking constraints.

Reviewing planning constraints and thinking site wide when embarking on a comparatively small projects ensures that a project is not viewed in isolation, potentially leading to requirement for a resource consent or an outline plan of works. If a development is not considered in a site wide context, it can lead to less desirable wider outcomes down the track.

We are now working with the school on the design of the area knowing that we are working within planning parameters toward the best outcome for the school. Knowing the planning parameters ensures that we can potentially avoid the need for greater planning input and costs in later stages.

Our role

Resolving planning concerns related to entrance redesign

The facts

ClientFlanshaw Road School
Project teamAynsley Cisaria
Jo Young
Tracey Turner
Project date2020 - on-going