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Kawarau Falls Bridge, Queenstown

In 2015 Boffa Miskell were engaged to begin works on the Kawarau Falls Bridge project — construction of a new two-lane bridge on SH6 over the Kawarau River. The proposed bridge would see the reduction in traffic congestion, increase safety and provide more secure southern highway access into the Wakatipu Basin.

Boffa Miskell produced the Urban and Landscape Design Master Plan (ULDMP) document to assist Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) in assessing the proposed design by providing site specific detailed design and construction responses to address specific context and environmental conditions and circumstances of the project.

A large component of the project was producing a narrative to inform the design and offer meaning, experience and sense of place to the new development. Kawarau Falls was historically a place of transit, movement and temporary occupation and the overarching narrative was derived from a single harakeke plant overlaid on the site. The concepts were also influenced by the natural geological processes which formed the region as well as the natural history of the site, particularly the structure and form of the harakeke.

A key feature of the project was the opportunity to improve connectivity for pedestrian cyclists both across the Kawarau River and along its banks. In improving the alignment of the pedestrian network, the design also endeavored to work with existing grades and landform minimising the amount of cut slopes, retaining and disturbance to existing vegetation.

The planting design acknowledges the Project Gold planting objectives and, where possible, implements Project Gold Objectives and Specifications. The planting schemes were appropriate to the existing bridge and reflect the cultural history of the site. The project planting will also improve the ecological and bio-diversity of this section of the river corridor and will enhance the planting aesthetic and the sense of wildness that views to the vegetated river corridor provides.

The Queenstown team is currently overseeing the implementation of the landscape works with a majority of the components complete by the end of 2018.

Our role

Responsible for producing the ULDMP report, providing landscape plans for the area and for a new pedestrian bridge design. We are now overseeing the implementation of all the planting and design elements.

The facts

ClientNZ Transport Agency, McConnell Dowell
Project teamFrazer Baggaley
Mathilde Menard
Megan Ash
Worked with

Mc Connell Dowell

Novare Design

Project date2015 - ongoing