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Responding to local town needs whilst catering to the hundreds of thousands of visitors using the space each year

Picton with its population of only 4000 permanent residents, is remote from city pressures. There was a real need to create a waterfront that provided a focus and heart – a place that would also help host the hundreds of thousands of ferry passengers, that pass through the town every year.

Changing the use of the waterfront land presented the opportunity to explore the town’s historic and present social patterns – investigating how the community has adapted, changed and used public space over time. By reviewing the existing masterplan the opportunity arose to bring together functional requirements and the aspirations of operators, wharf activity, visitors and local people.

The upgraded Picton Waterfront has created a series of interrelated spaces that provide flexibility for both peak and off season activity.

Our role

Consultation, masterplanning, evidence for hearing, design, documentation and site observation.

The facts

ClientMarlborough District Council
Project teamMichael Hawes
Steve Dunn
Marc Baily
Worked with

Abel Properties (PM and Civil Engineer)
ARCL (PM +Engineer)
Warren & Mahoney (Architect)
Smart Alliances (Marine Engineer)
Cosgroves (Electrical Engineer)
Mark Herring Lighting

Project date2008 - 2011
Awards2012 Resene Colour Awards - Maestro Award ‘Landscape Category’