Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study Marlborough Landscape Study

Marlborough Landscape Study

Setting a new bench-mark for Regional Landscape Assessment

The Marlborough Landscape Study was prepared by Boffa Miskell to inform the review process of the landscape provisions in the Region’s Resource Management Plans and the Marlborough Regional Policy Statement. The study approach ensures that a current and consistent landscape assessment methodology was applied across the whole of the Marlborough Region, covering landscape and visual amenity values, as well as natural character considerations.

The first stage of the study involved identifying and characterising Marlborough’s diverse landscapes into broad land types and character areas.

In collaboration with Landcare Research, existing land typing information for the region was reviewed and expanded, and the landscape character descriptions developed. This included landform and land cover attributes as well as cultural aspects. The descriptions were informed by a desktop review of various GIS datasets and existing information, complemented by on-site investigations.

The process was followed by a comprehensive landscape evaluation concerned with identifying the values and quality of the region’s landscapes that require protection under the Resource Management Act.

These identified landscapes and features include Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes, and Visual Amenity Landscapes. Following submission of the report in final draft form, a series of consultation meetings were undertaken with affected landowners. This process involved, in some instances, visiting individual landowners and delineating an appropriate line on the ground. This was backed up by a more refined set of landscape values. This work was reviewed following extensive community and land owner engagement, and updates from recent legislation, including the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 (Policy 15) and case law, including the King Salmon decision.

Further work with Marlborough District Council is underway to tailor management mechanisms appropriate to each landscape based upon its underlying landscape values.

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Our role

Landscape Planning; consultation and community engagement; assistance with the development of planning mechanisms.

The facts

ClientMarlborough District Council
Worked with

Canopy Landscape Architects

Project date2009-2015

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