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McNaughton Kindergarten

Can you incorporate existing features of the site to enhance play?

In 2010 we were commissioned to develop a Masterplan for McNaughton Kindergarten. The site had a number of fixed items and the plan developed needed to take into account some difficult level changes. It allowed for a new enlarged sandpit, with a natural waterplay area, relocated swing area, new whare play space, open flexible play area and natural play areas including lawn beneath a large oak tree which was successfully crown thinned to reduce heavy shade.

Our designers prepared, developed and detailed design for the staged development of the works. The first stage at the rear of the site was developed with swings, whare and some natural area. The second stage was built in association with a building project, where a new office and storage shed were built at the front of the site. A new entry and flat concrete play area were installed in association with these works. The third stage included the new sand pit, flexible play area over softfall surface, grass area and planting.

Our role

Site Masterplanning, developed and detail design and documentation and supervision of implementation.

The facts

ClientAuckland Kindergarten Association
Project teamSarah Collins
Worked with

Oakwood Treecare
Craftsman Gardener Services
Matta Products
Safe Fall Surface

Project date2010 - 2011