Moa Kids Preschool

A playspace that meets the diverse needs of children aged six months to two years

Moa Kids is a not-for-profit community-based preschool in Redcliffs, Christchurch. The centre’s philosophy is based around the community and the importance of self-choice and free-play, in which nature plays a big role.

The project involved the refurbishment of the centre’s much-loved nursery garden for the 0-to-2 years age group. The garden caters to an age group which encompasses a wide range of physical abilities from babies who sit and watch, crawlers who love to explore and young toddlers who are very physical.

The team engaged with teachers, the Board of Trustees and the children to inform the concept. Input from the passionate teachers, has led to a garden which provides learning opportunities and a rich and varied environment to inspiring delight in the children.

This design creates a playspace that meets the diverse needs of children aged six months to two years, and supports the centres focus on child-led play in a natural environment.

The garden also aims to reflect our local community and link to local history by featuring Moa footprints and a Wharenui. To withstand the impact of dozens of little feet each day, artificial turf provides a soft-fall area in the centre allowing changeable activities to keep the children engaged. The design retains a mature tree and features a planting palette appealing to the senses with fragrant and edible species.

The team are currently developing the masterplan for the redevelopment of the preschool outdoor space, catering to the two to five years age group. This design will retain mature vegetation and facilitate opportunities for learning through play.

Our role

Masterplan, developed and detailed design. Supervision of implementation.

The facts

ClientMoa Kids Preschool
Project teamKylie Boivin
Rose Johnston
Project date2019 - 2020