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How do you navigate a complex plan change to obtain resource consent?

Following a site selection process which reduced the number of possible sites from over 20 to eight, Boffa Miskell worked closely with New Zealand King Salmon and other consultants to prepare a plan change and resource consent for each site. A further site was added through the preparation of the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE).

Boffa Miskell planners worked closely with the core team to prepare the AEE and to finalise the elements of the proposals. Our landscape planners prepared the Natural Character, Landscape and Visual Amenity report, which involved numerous visits to the sites, including a night visit to an existing farm for lighting purposes.

Terrestrial ecologists surveyed and mapped the vegetation patterns on the land adjacent to each farm and provided valuable input into the Natural Character evaluation. Our Digital Environment Solutions team provided essential services producing the graphic material and up to 21 visual simulations from various locations in the Sounds.

The plan change and resource consent applications were processed through the Environmental Protection Agency / Board of Inquiry procedures as a proposal of national significance. A two month hearing was held in Blenheim in 2012. Planning, terrestrial ecology, landscape and visual simulation evidence was provided by Boffa Miskell.

Our planners worked as part of a core team throughout this process, assisting with co-ordinating the extensive evidence, the proposed conditions and draft management plans.

The Board of Inquiry granted consents for four of the sites in early 2013, with the Supreme Court confirming the consents for three sites. King Salmon is in the process of preparing to develop these sites.

Our role

Planning, terrestrial ecology, landscape planning, graphics and mapping.

The facts

ClientNew Zealand King Salmon
Project teamBrian McAuslan
Worked with

Russell McVeagh, Gascoigne Wicks, Cawthron Institute, NIWA, Statfishtics, Cawthorn & Ass., Marshall Day Acoustics, Tourism Resource Consultants, URS, Taylor Baines, Market Economics and OCEL.

Project date 2009 - 2013