NZDF Landscape and CPTED Guidelines

A set of Guidelines that adapt best practice landscape design and CPTED principles to the New Zealand military context.

Encompassing over 80,000ha and employing around 2500 staff, the Defence Estate comprises of a land area similar to 16 small towns. With this comes a duty of care for both the land and people.

A Boffa Miskell team comprised of technical experts who gathered relevant industry guidance, worked with NZDF stakeholders to adapt the information to address the particular challenges and aspirations of the Defence Force.

The CPTED Guidelines focus on how the design of spaces and facilities can positively influence people’s behaviour, improving the perception of safety and leading to a more inclusive workplace with fewer incidents of crime.

The Landscape Guidelines outline a best practice approach to master planning, stormwater management, the design of streets and open spaces, and development with sensitivity to context and landscape character.

The result is a comprehensive set of Guidelines that when applied, will ensure a consistent approach across the Defence Estate that will improve outcomes for both land and people.

The Guidelines provide a user-friendly tool to translate high-level principles and aspirations into real-world direction, applicable to all levels of planning.

The facts

ClientNew Zealand Defence Force
Project teamTim Church
Jane Rennie
Megan Walker
Rhys Girvan
Project date2018 - 2019