Pingnan Town Plaza Pingnan Town Plaza Pingnan Town Plaza Pingnan Town Plaza Pingnan Town Plaza

Pingnan Town Plaza

Bringing new life to the old town centre with the design of a new ‘citizens’ plaza

Boffa Miskell was commissioned to create a new town centre ‘plaza’ and performance venue with capacity for 8000 spectators. Underneath and around the perimeter of the plaza is a new mall (accommodating restaurants, retail, shopping, and entertainment functions) and carparking. This new development will become the citizen plaza or new landmark for Pingnan.

Pingnan Plaza is located in Guigang city, Guangxi Province, southern China.

The name ‘Pingnan’ means ‘City of Lotus’. This refers to the fact the city is surrounded by lotus ponds, and famous for the lotus flower blossoms in summer.

The total scope of works is approximately 22,000 m2, of which a majority of the site is on podium level.

The aim was to create an international quality landscape masterplan that celebrates its long history through vernacular design solutions.

Our role

Landscape concept masterplan and Detail design

The facts

ClientGuangxi Pingnan New Century Investment Co. Ltd.
Project teamChris Bentley
Project dateCompleted concept design in 2014