Te Waharoa – the Gateway Te Waharoa – the Gateway

Te Waharoa – the Gateway

How knowledge and understanding can build strong and lasting relationships with Māori

Boffa Miskell’s Te Ao Māori cultural training programme, Te Waharoa, was successfully launched in June 2011.

Te Waharoa seeks to provide businesses and organisations with an understanding of key Māori values, beliefs and customs, and how these apply in the modern context. This knowledge allows businesses to better engage with Māori organisations. Through an enhanced knowledge of and sensitivity to Māori culture and protocols, and the requirements of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Te Waharoa is flexible and can be tailored to ensure best fit for each client’s specific business area. Te Waharoa also offers opportunities to engage with and develop relationships with the Māori experts we draw into the programme.

Leighton Contractors’ senior management team have participated in the introductory workshop and are preparing to undertake the advanced workshop. This second workshop places attendees in the field with Māori experts to witness firsthand how their newly gained knowledge is applied, and culminates in a marae experience and strategic planning exercise.

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