Wairarapa Landscape Study Wairarapa Landscape Study Wairarapa Landscape Study

Wairarapa Landscape Study

How identifying outstanding natural features and landscapes can manage future landscape change

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) commissioned the study to assist with developing planning measures for managing landscape change in the Wairarapa. Policies 24 and 26 in the proposed Regional Policy Statement require that the region’s outstanding natural features and landscapes (ONFLs), and significant amenity landscapes (SALs), be identified in district and regional plans. GWRC commissioned the first phase of work, the assessment of landscape character, which provided the basis for the second (landscape evaluation) phase of the study, where ONFLs and SALs were identified and their values described.

Both phases involved community engagement – a website was used, information of the study widely distributed, stakeholder meetings organised, and three public meetings held in different parts of the region.

A steering group for the study was set up at the outset with representatives from GWRC and the three district councils, Federated Farmers, Ngati Kahungunu, and Rangitane o Wairarapa. Since completion of the evaluation report, we have assisted the three district councils to refine boundaries to a few ONFLs, which involved negotiation with some landowners.

Our role

Project management & co-ordination, field work, preparation of two separate reports: Character assessment & description and Landscape evaluation. Organisation and running of public engagement workshops and stakeholder meetings. Preparation of information sheets on landscape study and material for website. Meetings with landowners and reporting to and liaising with Steering Group.

The facts

ClientGreater Wellington Regional Council (Wairarapa Landscape Character Description) Masterton, Carterton & South Wairarapa District Councils (Wairarapa Landscape Evaluation)
Project teamBoyden Evans
Bron Faulkner
Worked with

Landcare Research, Wairarapa Archive, and Carterton District Council

Project date2009 - 2011