Waterview Kindergarten Waterview Kindergarten Waterview Kindergarten Waterview Kindergarten

Waterview Kindergarten

Natural materials and colours are used to give an organic feel to the outdoor area at a new kindergarten

A new kindergarten at Waterview was one of many community outcomes related to construction of the Waterview Tunnel.

Boffa Miskell play specialists worked alongside the architect, in consultation with the community and the Auckland Kindergarten Association property team to develop a masterplan for a space where children would learn through a range of play-based opportunities in the outdoor environment.

The building was sited to provide a children’s outdoor area facing north-east in a warm sheltered spot. The outdoor area flows freely from the building and is open and easily accessible through connecting pathways that run centrally within the area.

The important play destinations are located around the perimeter, connected by the concrete path, while at the same time separating the different types of play, avoiding potential for conflict as children move around the site. The paths also provide all-weather access through the site and are wide enough for outdoor play activities to be set up.

Once the masterplan was signed-off we prepared developed and detailed design drawings; and subsequently provided site observation as the works were implemented.

Our role

Masterplan, developed and detailed design. Supervision of implementation

The facts

ClientAuckland Kindergarten Association
Project teamSarah Collins
Worked with

Octa Associates

WPH Architects


Craftsman Gardener Services

Project date2011 - 2012