Realising opportunities for backcountry exploration in a beautiful part of New Zealand’s landscape.

The Mahu Whenua Traverse runs along the backbone of the Harris Mountains, between Treble Cone and Coronet Peak skifields, near Wanaka. Boffa Miskell worked with Erik Bradshaw, Chairperson of the Mountain Turk Club on a pro-bono basis, providing Erik with planning advice and preparing the resource consent application for the installation of five ‘turks’.


Erik Bradshaw



Worked with

Patch Landscape
Steve Skeleton

Project date

2018 - 2019

The turks are made by modifying a 26,000L plastic water tank, with each one being fitted with bunks, flooring, and a cooking bench. The turks will allow members of the Mountain Turk Club to stay overnight in the alpine environment whilst partaking in adventurous pursuits including skiing and tramping.

The turks required resource consent as the area is within an Outstanding Natural Landscape, and the installation required clearance of a small area of indigenous vegetation to lay the foundations. The multi-disciplinary team provided ecological advice to support the resource consent application.

Once the application was lodged, the team assisted Erik throughout the consenting process, providing ecological advice on potential amendments to the application, and reviewing the resource consent conditions.

Resource consent was issued in December 2019 allowing the Club to progress with the construction of the turks and keeping working towards the goal of installing the turks before winter 2020.

The Mountain Turk Club is a incorporated society and members donate their time or funds to help construct the huts and get them installed in the mountains.

Note: Graphic of MaHu Whenua Traverse by Patch Landscape