In 2004, Boffa Miskell was engaged by Tauranga City Council to prepare a comprehensive landscape concept plan and resource consent application for the Papamoa stormwater reserve corridor of the Wairakei Stream.

The 78-hectare reserve is contained within a very narrow 10km-long drainage area with varying high to low levels of naturalness and urbanisation. The stream has important cultural associations for tangata whenua, despite its modified state, and contains several important archaeological features, including a unique swamp pā.


Bay of Plenty

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Te Pio Kawe

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Five key components were incorporated within the design concept:

  • stormwater function;
  • ecological enhancement;
  • recognition of cultural connections and archaeological features;
  • enhancement of recreational opportunities; and
  • improvement of local amenity values.

A key aspect was engaging the local communities associated with each major section of the reserve. Consultation ensured that the design enhanced what people saw as the reserve's positive qualities while also addressing community concerns about the reserve's management.

We were responsible for completing the guiding concept plan and vision statement, detailed designs for each of the five major reserve sections, a report describing the design work, and the resource consent applications required for the proposed implementation of works.