Planning for floods and capturing environmental values for Wellington's major rivers

Greater Wellington Regional Council has a programme of developing Floodplain Management Plans for the major rivers in the Wellington region. Capturing and understanding the numerous values of rivers and community views is a key component in preparing these Plans. Boffa Miskell was engaged by the Regional Council to capture this information and assist with community engagement. 

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Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Plan App

Using GIS technology a range of recreation, cultural, heritage, landscape and ecology values for Wairarapa rivers were captured and evaluated. This information was gathered and updated in real-time using mobile devices in the field. Data is stored using a cloud-based solution meaning it is updated instantly and the same information is available to all users. The data is displayed in a user-friendly format and can be searched and updated by the community. 

Boffa Miskell has also assisted the Regional Council with community and stakeholder engagement. This role has included facilitation of meetings, site visits and preparation of graphics and visual aids. 

This work has provided the Regional Council and community with greater ability to access information. It will be used to inform future decision-making about managing and planning for floods in the Wairarapa.