Infrastructure underpins how towns, cities and communities can function and grow. However, infrastructure projects are often complex and can add significant pressure to the environments they are developed in. Managing the exact effects on the environment, as part of the consenting or design process, can improve the value of the final outcome. Whether urban, rural or coastal, we can work with you to ensure infrastructure projects successfully integrate with their natural and physical contexts.


Create distinctive transit nodes that reinforce the special landscape and cultural features of a place.

Successfully protect or rehabilitate the environment, whether planning a new site or looking at reusing a closed landfill.

Marina and wharf 
Effectively accommodate craft and the associated land based activities while minimising the visual and environmental impact on the surrounding area.

Ensure implications on surrounding environment are assessed and where necessary, minimised or mitigated.

Road and street 
Transform roads and streets to create more effective multi‑modal transport routes and to become places for people and traffic.

Transport centre 
Plan transport centres to efficiently channel pedestrian, cycle and vehicle activity.