The second tier of the strategic framework to guide the future management of the Tūpuna Maunga.

Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority (TMA) adopted the Tūpuna Maunga Strategies in 2019. The Strategies are a companion policy document to the Tūpuna Maunga Integrated Management Plan (IMP) adopted in 2016.

The Strategies establish a unified framework of principles and elements to guide the management of education, design, biodiversity, biosecurity, commercial, recreation and monitoring activities across the Tūpuna Maunga as a whole.

Collectively, the Strategies will assist the Tūpuna Maunga Authority to engage with the wider Tāmaki Makaurau community, broaden their understanding of the importance of Tūpuna Maunga to Mana Whenua and encourage their involvement in the long-term care of these special places.

The next phase of implementation is to develop individual Maunga plans that align with the principles and elements contained within the overarching Strategies. Individual Maunga plans will be tailored to reflect the unique profile, history and aspirations for each Maunga and will explore, among other things, the telling of stories, the reconnection of Mana Whenua to the Maunga, and commercial opportunities that are sensitive to the cultural, historical and spiritual values of the Tūpuna Maunga.

As Auckland continues to grow and intensify, the Tūpuna Maunga are increasingly important as spiritual and aesthetic anchors for all Auckland communities, and as valuable open spaces and places of refuge in an urban landscape. The integrated approach established by the Tūpuna Maunga Strategies redefines best practice in relation to the management of public spaces with significant cultural and ecological values; and insures that the Tūpuna Maunga will be celebrated, treasured and valued for their importance in shaping the character and identity of Tāmaki Makaurau.